Article publication

One of our third year BA Hons Education Studies students just had article published in the Inquiries Journal: Nature or Culture? The Anthropocene as Social Narrative.

The article is based on an essay she has submitted for our first year module Culture, Curriculum and Technics.
Is it possible to objectively define the Anthropocene? This essay argues that whether or not it is precisely definable as a geological epoch, its true value, as a concept grounded in futurity, lies within the social realm. The origins of the term are discussed and several hypotheses for defining the Anthropocene are considered. These are linked to earlier accounts of human influence over the environment. Next, the universality of the Anthropocene narrative is challenged, with an emphasis on its cultural and social dimensions. This critique does not seek to diminish its value but refocus it, stressing the potential power of the narrative as a force for positive change at a time when political and scientific decisions may have repercussions which echo into the unimaginably distant future.
We are really proud of Kelly’s achievement.
Well done Kelly!

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