Advice for those who’d like to publish their work

Patricia Leavy – qualitative researcher, author, and creator and editor for seven book series – has written a useful commentary on academic publishing. It seems worth reading the article if you are interested in publishing your work, for example your final year thesis.

A Commentary on Academic Publishing: Insider Tips

People regularly email me seeking publishing advice. I’ve done interviews over the years in which I have offered advice and those can be searched for online. Time doesn’t permit me to offer individual advice to everyone who asks or to write extensively on this topic. However, as I prepared to release my 20th book, which is simultaneously the 20th title released in the Social Fictions series I created and edit for Sense Publishers, I wanted to take the time to give back to my community. I created a post on Facebook asking friends what they most want to know. I received over 100 Facebook comments and emails within 24 hours. It would take a book to respond to all of those topics! I have selected a few for these brief remarks.

The article can be downloaded for free.


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