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Might Never Happen: a play based on street harassment research

It might never happen. You might be fine. That comment, that look, that whistle, it might not be directed at you. You might have made a mistake. You slip your keys between your knuckles anyway. It might never happen… But it might.

After their sold-out run of ‘The Forbidden’ in 2015, Doll’s Eye Theatre return with Might Never Happen, a new piece written by the company, inspired by research by former PhD students from the Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit (CWASU), Dr. Fiona Vera-Gray and Dr. Maria Garner. It explores various aspects and perspectives of street harassment from the ridiculous to the terrifying.

First performances will be in London, at the King’s Head Theatre on Upper Street, Islington, in May 2016 as an extension of International Anti Street Harassment Week.  A post-performance Q&A will be held on the 02 May and 09 May, featuring speakers from the Women’s Equality PartyHollaback LondonPurple DrumRape Crisis and more.

Buy tickets here.

Please note: Might Never Happen contains references to sexual violence which some audience members may find distressing.


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