Employability Award

For all those of you who do more than the 20 hours required for the placement module:

The London Met Employability Award 2015-16

This year’s Award programme is designed to enhance your employability skills and prepare you for the competitive graduate job market. The Award is open to all undergraduate students and will run from early November 2015 to April 2016.

Participating in the Award will require all of the following:

  • At the start of the programme, identify the skills you wish to develop and experience you wish to gain and set goals to help you achieve this;
  • Complete 25 hours of volunteering*;
  • Complete 10 hours of personal and/or career development activity* – this can include mentoring programmes, employer presentations, etc. and includes activities which will help you focus on the skills, knowledge and networks that are important to you;
  • Attend 4 Careers & Employability & Skills workshops; and
  • Produce a graduate level CV and LinkedIn profile by April 2016 which reflects the additional skills and experience you have gained.

*Details of the extended ‘Gold Award’ will be available at the Induction sessions in November.

One-to-one support and advice is available from a Careers Consultant throughout the Award programme to help with setting goals, identifying suitable opportunities to enable you to develop your skills, experience and networks and producing a graduate level CV and LinkedIn profile so that you feel confident entering the graduate job market. If you are in your first or second year then your CV and LinkedIn profile can be geared towards applying for internships, placements and seeking work experience. 

The Employability Award will be added to your degree transcript which you will be able to show employers. 

Register your interest here.

The deadline has passed – but they accept late applications.


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