Research participants wanted

I have been contacted by a PhD student who is looking for participants in her research. Please contact her if you are interested in taking part (email address below). Reward: £25 Amazon Voucher.

A call for research volunteers: the teaching and learning of evolution – how do we feel?

I am a Doctoral student at the IOE and currently carrying out a qualitative research project for my thesis. My topic is evolution education. Evolution by natural selection is accepted by biological scientists as the foundation of biology and it is also key part of the school science curriculum from KS2 onward. However, experience in the classroom, my own and that documented in the research literature, reveals a subject that is perceived by teacher and students as difficult and controversial.

I would like to talk to university students who themselves are interested in education (PGCE and Education Studies students, etc) about evolution and related topics.

Interested in finding out more? I need to recruit a number of volunteers to take part in a 45 min interview at a time and location at their convenience. As a thank you for taking part I would like to offer a £25.00 Amazon voucher. If you are willing to be interviewed please can you contact me at ejnewall(at)

I need your help. Thank you!

Emma Newall, doctoral student IOE


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