Develop your transferable skills

The London Met Careers and Employability Team has teamed up with the East London Business Alliance (ELBA) to help students develop their transferable skills:

  1. Insight Clubs

Apply for any  of these Clubs: Business Insights, Legal Club, Built Environment, PR and Marketing, HR and Employee Relations, Consultancy and Project Management, Enterprise.

By taking part in the Insight Clubs programme you will have a better understanding of the career opportunities available to you and develop the skills that can help you to stand out from the graduate crowd!

What you will get?

  • Employability skills development and guidance on what graduate recruiters and employers are looking for in successful graduates
  • Insight into how businesses operate  and networking opportunities with employees from across the sector you’re interested in
  • 3-5 weekly workshops (depending on the club)
  • Hosted by business professionals at the offices of large banks, law firms, and other large corporate organisations
  • Full schedule is on the application website

To apply and find out more, visit complete the registration form.

  1. CV Surgery

Have your CV checked by a business volunteer from Credit Suisse, JP Morgan, Barclays and more…

What you will get?

  • Receive a feedback report on your CV and find out what works well
  • Find out what areas you can improve and perfect your master copy before you tailor it for a specific job
  • Email your CV and have your feedback within one month!

To apply, please sign up to mailing list at and make sure you select ‘CV Review’.

  1. Mock Interviews

East London Business Alliance (ELBA) has partnered with Credit Suisse and XL Catlin to give students the opportunity to take part in Mock Interviews.

What you will get?

  • Gain valuable interview experience with questions tailored to your CV and career goals
  • Receive feedback from professionals on your interview technique
  • Boost your confidence in talking about your achievements
  • Hosted at the offices of Credit Suisse or XL Catlin

To apply, please sign up to mailing list and make sure you select ‘Mock Interviews’. 

For assistance with any of the above, please contact careers.studentservices(at)

Also log into London Met Careers Portal for help with CVs, applications, interviews and industry insights from employers.

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