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Student Academic Representatives (StARs)

StARs are students elected by students on their course to represent students’ views and to raise issues related to their academic experience.

What do StARs do?

  • Represent the views of students on their course, listen to students and raise issues on their behalf
  • Work closely with and regularly meet up with Course Leaders to address the issues raised
  • Work closely with the Sabbatical Officers and Hub Committee members who represent each Faculty
  • Attend the Course Committee meetings to represent the students and address the issues raised by them

Why should you become a StAR?

  • You want be directly involved in improving the student experience on courses and teaching at London Met
  • Raise issues and concerns on behalf of your peers
  • You belief that students should have a say in the decision-making process which affects their academic experience at London Met
  • You are determined to leave London Met with more than just a degree
  • A great way to get involved in the Students’ Union, student activism and the UK-wide student movement

How do I become a StAR?

Get in touch with your Course Leader – and put your name forward.  We need StARs for each Level of the BA Education and Social Policy degree!

What will happen once you have been elected as a StAR?

You will receive training on October and November – where you will be briefed on your role.

Further info:

StARs recruitment leaflet 2015-16.


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